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Shipwrecked in the sand

The SS Maheno was washed ashore on Fraser Island by a cyclone in  1935.

She first entered service in 1905, and regularly sailed routes between Sydney and Melbourne, carrying up to 420 passengers.

However, during WWI she was converted into a hospital ship with eight wards and two operating theatres.

On 3 July 1916, the Maheno arrived on English shores just after the start of the Battle of the Somme. During the next year she carried large numbers of wounded troops, bringing them across the Channel from France, before returning to usual service in New Zealand.

In 1935 a cyclone swept the SS Maheno off-course as it was being towed by a steamer ship to Japan.

After no one bought the ship, which eventually was found washed up on Fraser Island, it was decided that she should never be moved from her resting place.


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